Regional Conferences

Women in Mathematics in Southern California Symposia (WiMSoCals)

WiMSoCal February 2024 at Pomona College (14th)

WiMSoCal March 2020 at UC Irvine (13th)

WiMSoCal September 2019 at CalState Channel Islands (12th)

WiMSoCal March 2018 at Pepperdine  (11th)

WiMSoCal 2017 at USC  (10th)

WiMSoCal November 2015 at Pomona College (9th)

WiMSoCal May 2014 at University of San Diego (8th)

WiMSoCal April 2013 at UCSD (7th)

WiMSoCal November?? 2013 at UC Riverside (6th)

WiMSoCal October 2012 at USC (5th)

WiMSoCal January 2012 at Loyola Marymount University (4th)

WiMSoCal November 2010 at Pomona College (3rd)

WiMSoCal February 2010 at USC (2nd)

WiMSoCal April 2009 at Loyola Marymount University (1st)


Regional Women’s Intellectual Networks Research Symposium (WINRS) Conferences

Spring 2017 at Brown University


Texas Women in Math Symposia (TWIMS)

February 2022 at Rice University

February 2020 at Texas A&M University

November 2018 at University of Houston

2017 at Sam Houston State University

November 2016 at UT Austin


Midwest Women in Mathematics Symposium (WIMS)

April 2019 at University of Iowa (7th)

April 2018 at Purdue University

February 2017 at IUPUI (5th)

April 2014 at University of Notre Dame  (4th)

(Article about the symposium – the symposium website appears to be removed)

April 2013 at University of Illinois at Chicago